29 April 2009: The Sizzling Gypsies – The Enterprise, Camden, London, England, UK

Fortunately for the 30-40 foot-tapping music loving audience in the Enterprise last night, 5 males have been drinking gallons of the stuff.

Raucous vocals, drooling riffs and boundless energy were the first impressions I got from The Sizzling Gypsies. Put these traits together with an ability to write and perform huge songs and it seems all the ingredients are in place. Granted, I’ve only known of the band for roughly 48 hours through my friend Kev who has known the members of the band for several years, but having witnessed 30 minutes of material last night it’s easy to get pretty excited.

This short review wasn’t planned so there’s going to be no in depth analysis of any of the songs played, I’ll save that for the next time I see them play, which hopefully will be in June when the band sweep into the capital, instruments and attitude in tow.

I’m not going to draw any comparisons as I believe each band is unique in its own special way, but the spirit of The Doors and all they stood for seems to manifest itself around The Sizzling Gypsies. Which isn’t a bad thing surely?

That brief interlude aside, check out their MySpace site for songs and upcoming gigs and let the musical fusion take over your senses.

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