14 March 2009: ColouringIN – Club Motherf**ker DEAD!, Barden’s Boudoir, London, England, UK

This was going to be a two act, double review of Rex the Dog -a great and well known DJ- and Colouring In – a breaking act pushing to establish a new sound.

But on arriving at Club Motherf**ker in Stoke Newington for its final monthly party, the black board on the street announced that Rex would not be appearing due to a bout of Dog flu.

Undeterred I still paid my six quid, and one beer later Colouring In front man Henry Bennet was making the final adjustments to his band’s four synthesisers.

A choir boy in his youth , Bennet has hung up the smock, choosing now to perform in a vest – white – and jacket – grey – with the sleeves rolled up, a la The Eighties.

Appropriately the synths are used to create a sound not un-reminiscent of that particular era, but there is enough Naughties edge for it all to sound thoroughly new wave. Add to that Bennet’s rich vocal talent -often sounding like its being pushed hard – and you have a fresh sound that had a trendy crowd nodding in agreement.

Not long in to the set the 80’s jacket had to come off due to the sweaty effort ColouringIN’s front man was putting in at the mic stand. This contrasted with his cool as ice buddies pushing the keys behind him impassively -in one case one handedly.- as if to reassure the crowd they weren’t really that in to it.

Talented enough but cool enough to be trendy, mixing a deliberately retro feel with modern electro; if their headline act drops ill again I wouldn’t worry.

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