13 April 2007: The Koolaid Electric Company – Zaks Club, New Queen Vic, Milton Keynes, England, UK

Friday 13th. Its late and so far the nights gone without a hitch. Good news, if only because next up at the recently re-opened Zaks Club in Milton Keynes is the 8 piece psychedelic west coast rock collective ‘The Koolaid Electric Company’. Hailing from the back end of nowhere that is Leighton Buzzard, home of mighty Baron Knights of coarse, The Koolaid are creating quite a stir in the underground but burgeoning UK psychedelic rock scene. Close friends with the infamous and enigmatic. Anton of The BJM, the BRMC, Ausies The Morning After Girls and more site The Koolaid as the next big thing.

Something’s about to occur. The venue’s seen fit to turn off every light in the house except for the lowest of red stage lights. Whoops and cheers of excitement and unexplained cheers for ‘Sausage’ from the expectant Milton Keynes crowd remind me of days of old at regional cinemas just before the main feature.

In the dark, figures can barely be seen joining the stage. Then, and only when instructed by the tall imposing figure of front man Sam Barret (stage right) the collective strike.

4 guitars, bass, drums, keys and a tambourine man dressed in the obligatory black burst into life. Almost a wall of sound but one that can be enjoyed not endured. Every part complementing the other. Overlapping.

These songs are beautifully simple but yet full of hooks, haunting vocals and soaring guitars the entire Soundscape conducted by the guitar wielding 6ft 6 front man. The man on tambourine and maracas twirling like a whirling dervish. 3rd and 4tthguitars keeping a low profile in the dark.

When Mr Barrets not overseeing the group he’s hunched down over the mic delivering his sermon or fiercely wielding his axe, bending strings like his life depended on it.

Reminiscent of Ride and The Jesus And Mary Chain. However we are breaking new ground here. This is more intense. Serious. They really mean this. Maybe it’s the low red lights silhouetting the ensemble but this almost a religious experience. A psychedelic U2? I dunno, but Its clear to me that the stories I’ve been hearing are true. I’m a convert. This might just be the band we’ve all been waiting for. Part of a new emerging UK scene. Inspiring and prolific. They have the songs, the image and the pedigree. Look out for the first single being mixed as I type. All hail the kings of UK Psychedelic Rock. The Koolaid Electric Company.

© Simon Turner – SJT Music

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