10 March 2007: The Cribs – Escobar, Wakefield, England, UK

Its three years since The Cribs played their home town of Wakefield, three years, two months, two weeks and five days to be precise, not that the Wakefield faithful have been counting the days since the bands last gig at the cities now legendary Escobar.

So bearing in mind the next venue on the Jarman Brothers gig list is the vast Royal Albert Hall, it came as no surprise that the mere two hundred tickets available via the internet sold out in literally seconds. Although many local fans lost out due to the first come first served national ticket sale, it did however mean that fans from all over the country had the chance to see the band perform in the intimacy of the club where in more or less all started.

With the temperature inside the venue rising as quickly as the expectations of the crowd already whipped up by the excellent support band The Research, and the now famous chant of “Wakefield, Wakefield” heralding their arrival, The Cribs explode on to the stage.

The audience erupt, bouncing insanely, pushing forwards at times threatening to overwhelm the line of security keeping them off the low level stage. The band keep a relentless pace as they play though their back catalogue and test out a few new songs from the forthcoming album. Mirror Kisses, Martell, Direction, Wrong Way To Be, new song, Our Bovine Public and MTV all come fast and furious, ending the set with another number followed by Ryan’s bizarre yet beautiful solo version of Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red.

So as the band go back to the bigger venues, festivals and American tours, the Escobar gig will always be remembered by the lucky few who were there, as the night The Cribs came home.

© Derek Lines

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