23 November 2003: Marilyn Manson + Peaches – NEC Arena, Birmingham, England, UK

I hate the NEC. The venue sucks, the sound is crap, the security people have a really shitty attitude and the beer is way overpriced, so I am quite reluctant to go unless no suitable alternative is available, and as Mr Manson doesn’t do smaller venues I had no choice if I wanted to see the show but to bite the bullet and grin and bear it. We got to the place in good time, paid a fortune to park a mile from the venue and stood in a queue for an age to be searched. Once I’d got through being mauled by some Neanderthal I had to wait for Lisa to get through because as usual there was only one female available to search all the girls. Whilst I was perusing the posters for forthcoming events I was physically bundled into the arena by some twat with a security badge saying I couldn’t wait there and when I explained I was waiting for Lisa to be searched I received a grunt which I assume meant tuff shit buddy.

Anyway once inside the arena and having found Lisa we set off for the standing area to catch the controversial support Peaches.

I don’t really like giving a negative review and due to the treatment we received I wasn’t in the most forgiving of moods but Peaches was shit. It has to be one of the poorest sets I’ve ever seen, totally crap! So I won’t say anymore about it.

I have seen Marilyn Manson on a couple of occasions and really enjoyed the night. The set that they played contained the usual suspects from the back catalogue, Disposable Teens, The Dope Show etc plus some new tracks. The performance was OK not the best I’ve seen but not bad, The stage show had a pseudo rocky horror theme with stockings being a prominent feature.

Overall I don’t know if I’m just a miserable old bastard or what but this gig was a big disappointment. Having seen Manson at his best a couple of years ago I know what he is capable of, so an average performance from him, a totally crap support and all the crap that goes with the NEC venue made for a bit of an uninspiring evening.