02 June 2001: Levellers + Bleeding Hearts – Sherwood Pines Forest Park, Nottingham, England, UK

Travelling to the venue by car, it looked like it was going to rain all the way. A dull, dark, cloudy night, with the odd drop of rain hinting at what was to come. Still, i thought, at least it wont be cold. Was i ever wrong……?

The levellers took to the stage with some variation of the words “can everyone come to the front please, because it’s so cold and we all need warming up?”. Bloody freezing was what it was. Think, winters day, think wind chill, think frost and you may about get the picture. Ok, so it wasn’t that cold, but it was for the first Saturday in June!

Apart from the cold, i have nothing to complain about the venue. A small clearing in Sherwood forest is possibly one of the best places to watch the levellers live, and it was made all the better for them playing a sort of “best of” set. The highlight of the evening for me was mark saying that as it was Jeremy’s birthday, they were going to let him do what he had always wanted and perform a bass solo. Jeremy proceeded to play one note. And the crowd roared. Classic!

The songs, the songs, “the game”, “one way”, “happy birthday revolution”, “celebrate” and “beautiful day” spring to mind as the best of the night, but as usual you can’t really pick out the best because, where the levellers are concerned, the rest are so good.

As the band left the stage after the encore, the moon came out and the journey home was under a clear moonlit sky. Not only can the levellers move you and warm you up, they can also make the clouds go away!